Set Your Skintentions

Be present with yourself

How often do you take the time to disconnect … truly disconnect … with the world, and reconnect with yourself? In the daily bustle of life, it is easy to lose yourself, especially if you are like us and are juggling home and work life and try to do it all at 100%. Skin care is such a beautiful way to be present in the moment as we nurture our skin, ourselves, and create a pampering environment of self love in the form of self care.

Envision your skin functional goal

We also invite you to not only rethink the way you approach your skin ritual, but also rethink the purpose of skin care. We often think of using our skin care for a purely physical outward goal of looking better. We want to help you refocus this to a more inward goal of feeling better through your skin ritual and on the functional improvement of your skin. For example, with good skin practices, your skin barrier will be stronger, which will make your skin more resilient. The continual nourishment with antioxidants and peptides will make your collagen more active which will lead to better skin elasticity and strength. There are so many benefits which we often overlook and should be part of our Skintentions. Focusing on the functional aspect will help you reconnect to yourself and your skin, and will eventually lead to the physical aspects of improved glow and heath, which will become a side effect of healthier skin.

Practice with Skintention

Ideally we should have a skin ritual every morning and night as we apply our skin care. This may be difficult for you, if so, start with a once weekly commitment to allow yourself to make that mind – skin – soul connection. There is no right way to perform a skin ritual – individuality will dictate what works for you. We would love to share with you how we reconnect to ourselves through our skin care. One of the most important aspects of a skin ritual should be a genuine Skintention. Whether your goal is more hydrated skin or improved skin elasticity, envision that goal, create a personal mantra, and practice your skin ritual with your Skintention in mind. Time is not important, even if it’s just for 2 – 5 minutes. The fact that you have focused on your skin and your mind on a regular basis will lead to a more positive and consistent skin care practice, that will ultimately help you achieve your Skintention.


Suggested recipe for skin ritual:

  • Envision your Skintention.
  • Set the mood with any or all of the followings: music, crystals, candles, incense, petals, bathtub.
  • Create your space by turning off phone sound or anything else that may distract you.
  • Experience the ritual, whether you’re masking or just soaking in the tub, while you visualize your Skintention.
  • Be grateful to your body and your skin as you exit your ritual.

Experience the glow from within

We recognize that changes take time to materialize. By setting a clear goal (Skintention), practicing your mind-skin-soul connection, and refocusing on the journey rather than the destination, your inner nourishment will become outwardly visible.


Feel the support from your BIALife community

We would love to see what your skin ritual looks like – feel free to share with us on social media to give others in the BIALife community ideas on delicious and pampering skin self care using #BIAskinritual. If you need help designing a skin ritual, your BIALife Mentors are here to help.

With love, Janelle & Shasa

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