BIALife Membership

Your BIALife mentor will develop a personalized skin care ritual for your skin type and your unique concerns. We bring our knowledge and expertise to you, without you having to leave your home. Our goal is to make a scientifically based skin care ritual accessible and approachable

Member Benefits

Personalized 12-week comprehensive skincare regimen
Receive store credit with each consultation
Authentic & authorized dispensing of medical grade skincare products
Exclusive member perks

Three Month

Receive a $50 product credit
Includes 1 consult per 12 week period
Personalized mentoring

Six Month

Receive a $90 product credit
Includes 2 consults at 12 week intervals
Personalized mentoring

One Year

Receive a $175 product credit
Includes 4 consults at 12 week intervals
Personalized mentoring
Surprise exclusive perks

How it works

Enter a secure, private portal to share your information and request your consult. Upon completion of a set of questions which are based on years of experience designing skin care regimens, you’ll then share your unfiltered photos so that we can better assess your skin needs. Your BIA Life mentor will review your information and provide personalized recommendations within 2 days, and ship the products to your address of choice if you choose to purchase on our website. Please see our FAQs for more specific questions.

Transform Your Skin

True change in your skin wellness will take time. Realistically, if you are consistent with your regimen for 6 weeks, you should see and feel a positive change in your skin functionality and quality which will translate to physically more radiant skin. We do not promise a quick fix, rather we strive to put you on the right path to skin wellness through guided practice of scientifically based products enhanced with a mind-skin-soul connection. As you know, the path is a journey, not a destination, and we will be honored to continue supporting you as your skin needs evolve over time.



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